Senior Talent Manager

Pheebs has gone full circle in her career so far after completing a Bachelor of Media at La Trobe University in 2014. She has been in the media/sports industry since 2015 with stints at Carat as a Media Executive (media buying agency and Crocmedia as a Partnerships Manager (full service sports agency) where she managed some big accounts across FMCG, retail, government, auto. After a brief hiatus in 2019 for a belated gap year (where she ticked off some big sports bucket list items), she decided to combine her love for sports, experience managing partnerships and her knack for building relationships with people to take on a role as Talent Manager at W Sports and Media where she now looks after majority of the talent across media and sport.

  1. Favourite sports
    AFL and NFL – thanks to Dad for getting me into those!
    Hockey – as I have played since I was 8
    Triathlon – I like to torture myself with Half Ironman’s yearly.
  2. Favourite sports teams
    Melbourne Demons (through thick and thin!), both national hockey teams and I have a soft spot for the Chiefs and Ravens in the NFL.
  3. Favourite sporting moment
    I get into deep dark holes on YouTube whilst researching talent and I always end up watching the greatest Australian sporting moments of all time –  I would say Cathy Freeman in the 400m at the 2000 Olympics is up there as well as the Kookaburra’s winning Gold in Athens 2004, Jamie Dwyer is the GOAT.
  4. Favourite live sporting experience
    The Superbowl (2015 Phoenix, AZ & 2020 Miami, FL) I was lucky enough to go to – the atmosphere was incredible
    The Ashes in London 2019
    The Tour de France in Paris 2019 – oh the cobblestones of the Champs-Elysees was beaut… my hard earned money goes to sport, always.
  5. Favourite athlete of all time
    When I was 14/15 I was a HUGE Buddy Franklin fan (pretty sure I had a journal and cut out photos of him and put it in there).
    In terms of current athletes I love following the careers of:
    Pat Mahomes (Chiefs) and Lamar Jackson (Ravens) in the NFL
    Lucy Charles-Barclay in Triathlon
    Sydney McLaughlin in Track & Field
    Kozzy Picket – My beloved Dees
  6. Favourite movie
    I’ve seen Bridget Jones’ Diary at least 100 times and always have time for Love & Basketball
  7. Favourite TV show
    The Sopranos and Sex and The City
  8. Favourite artist/musician
    Taylor Swift, all time.
  9. Favourite sports documentary
    The Test, but also loving the F1: Drive to Survive series

Head of Partnerships

 Ben has been working in sport for the past 10 years, starting work at the Northern Bullants/Blues in the VFL in 2012, then having a great run with seven years at the Richmond Football Club. Working in a marketing/sales team that achieved 100,000+ members on four occasions (highest in the AFL) and record levels of club revenues/sponsorship (as well as three premierships), Ben has extensive experience in capitalising on commercial revenues and is well placed to work with the many talent and partners of W Sports & Media.

  1. Favourite sports
    AFL, UFC. Grew up an Essendon supporter and absolutely loved the Dons, then was lucky enough to work at Richmond FC for seven years and got to see the behind the scenes actions of a club that won three premierships.
  2. Favourite sports teams
    Richmond FC currently, however obviously grew up an Essendon FC supporter. Safe to say since having left Richmond it’s been a little confusing!
  3. Favourite sporting moment
    2017 AFL Grand Final. To be there and experience the build up from behind the scenes, as well as be part of the celebrations was an experience I will never forget.
  4. Favourite live sporting moment
    UFC at MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In terms of atmosphere, this event takes the cake. Always loved watching the emerging sport, but to experience a live event in it’s home of Las Vegas was amazing.
  5. Favourite athlete of all time
    Bo Jackson. He’d be the most impressive athlete I can think of. Never got to see him play, but the highlights are pretty special!
  6. Favourite movie
  7. Favourite TV series
    Seinfeld. This show is relatable to just about every situation in life, and I have loved it since about the age of 10.
  8. Favourite musician
    Anthony Keidis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers are my favourite band and Scar Tissue is my favourite book.
  9. Favourite sports documentary
    Winning Time – the Reggie Miller story. Pretty amazing!

Talent and Partnerships Coordinator

Damir has considerable experience in a multitude of different fields. A Bachelor of Arts/Law Graduate from Monash University, he joined WSM in May 2021 having previously worked in risk and compliance. His sporting experience includes writing for several media publications, including a spell as Chief Football Writer for online publication The Corner Flag between 2014 to 2018 while also having his work published for The Herald Sun, and The Roar to name a few.

  1. Favourite sports
    Became immersed with Football (soccer) during the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan and have followed the game ever since. I have been involved in it since as a player, referee, journalist, and broadcaster respectively. My junior sports career began with basketball holiday camps at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium and also included two years playing junior footy so basketball and AFL are two other sports I enjoy along with tennis.
  2. Favourite sports teams
    A child during Manchester United’s golden era, the Red Devils have been my favourite sports team since 2002. In more recent years I’ve developed an affection to the Denver Nuggets and their rise to becoming an NBA Championship contender. In terms of national teams, who doesn’t love the Socceroos and Matildas.
  3. Favourite sporting moment
    The Socceroos 2006 World Cup campaign in Germany. Everything from the dramatic qualifier against Uruguay to take us there to the Greece friendly in Melbourne, to Tim Cahill’s goals against Japan, facing Brazil in Munich and that rollercoaster game against Croatia. Just don’t mention the Italy game (cries softly).
  4. Favourite live sporting moment
    Covering the 2015 Asian Cup in Melbourne which included the Socceroos opening night win over Kuwait and memorable games featuring Iran, Bahrain, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Palestine, Japan and a Korea Republic side featuring Spurs star Son Heung-Min. A rich and colourful tournament showcasing the very best of a diverse and multicultural Australia.
  5. Favourite athlete of all time
    Just missed his prime but everything I have read and watched about Michael Jordan since makes him one of my favourites. In terms of current day stars, can’t go past Novak Djokovic and Marcus Rashford.
  6. Favourite film
    Stand By Me. Followed closely by Boyz n the Hood with the two movies sharing many similarities with one another.
  7. Favourite TV series
    To differentiate myself from Phoebe, I’m going to go with The Wire which is marginally ahead of The Sopranos for me.
  8. Favourite musician
    Can’t say I have a favourite musician as it varies by genre. I’m a big fan of Nas given he dropped Illmatic, and It Was Written within two years of one another. The ‘Boss’ Bruce Springsteen is another one who I hold in high regard.
  9. Favourite sports documentary
    I’m a big fan of the ESPN 30 for 30 series but Hoop Dreams is still the pinnacle of all sports documentaries. Did enjoy The Last Dance and its 90s nostalgia though.
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