It was Eddie Betts’ day at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday, as he celebrated his 300th AFL game.
And he produced a moment of brilliance that not many others in the history of the game could ever produce.

After pilling a handful of goals through the big sticks against the Suns, Betts’ day wasn’t finished there as he took possession of the ball on the half forward flank.

As soon as the 32-year-old dropped the ball onto his left foot, it was all but certain to land through the big sticks at the newly dubbed “Eddie Betts end” as he kicked the goal on the opposition side to the ‘Eddie Betts’ pocket.

Betts told Fox Footy the goal would now lead to brother-in-law Tom heading to the tattoo studio to get some ink done.

“I was just super proud to kick five goals. I had a bet with my brother in law Tom, he said if I kick five goals — he hasn’t got a tattoo — then he would get a tattoo of my face on his butt cheek, he said on Fox Footy.

“So can’t wait for that tattoo Tom.”

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