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Bree is  not only a multi-talented cook and writer, but she is also a former ‘My Kitchen Rules’ champion and an ambassador for all things tasty. She believes in cooking food the “old fashioned” way, the way it used to be, placing a large emphasis on using fresh ingredients, seasonal produce and cooking from “scratch”.

Bree unsurprisingly is a regular at cooking for both intimate groups and large audiences. She continues to build a widening network and profile within the industry, both locally in SA and Australia wide. More recently she has extended her skills through TV show appearances and magazine shoots, in addition to an abundance of charity support.

Above all Bree is a mother to two girls and a wife to Cory, who act as her biggest fans yet harshest food critics. Juggling the work-life balance since her success on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ has proved challenging at times. However, her patience and dedication ensures that no problem is too large to overcome. She also enjoys volunteering and travelling.


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